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At Braham Opticians, we offer contact lens fitting and aftercare appointments. If you are thinking about taking the step into wearing contact lenses, you can start by booking a comprehensive eye exam. This will enable our optometrist to check your prescription and determine whether your eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses.

​What to Expect

​An eye examination usually lasts about 40 minutes, during which our registered optometrist will check your vision and assess whether you need correction, or a new prescription. During your appointment, we’ll test your vision using an eye chart and other equipment that will check your eyes ability to focus, as well as your overall eye health. 

Following your exam, our experts will run you through the process of putting your contact lenses in and assist if this is your first time. Your trained optometrist will provide you with your contact lens prescription for future purchases (Please not - Your contact lens prescription will be different to your glasses, this is because the contact lens sits closer to your eye)

​Contact Lens Aftercare

Once you have gone through the options with our optometrist, we will recommend the best contact lenses for you and provide professional, friendly aftercare if you have any issues with wearing lenses, including solutions for dry eyes and tips.

Our Optometrists will also go through with you on each appointment to see if the contact lenses you are wearing are still comfortable and correct. During the assessment, our specialist will also be able to offer advice on any discomfort you may have, including dryness or irritation.

As things change in life, you may notice that your current contact lenses are not the best fit for you anymore. A contact lens aftercare is the best occasion to discuss your lenses choice and, if needed, switch to lenses that better match your lifestyle.

Please note that routine aftercare is part of wearing contact lenses, and it’s important to book one regularly.


Book your contact lens assessment with Braham Opticians today!

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