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Having regular eye examinations is extremely important, especially if you – or your family – have already been diagnosed with vision problems such as myopia, or more severe eye conditions, for example glaucoma

What to Expect


An eye examination lasts approximately 40 minutes, in which time our professional optometrist will check your eye sight and assess whether you need correction, or a new prescription. During the appointment, we will test various aspects of your vision using an eye chart and other equipment, this will check your eyes ability to focus on letters at varying sizes / distance, as well as your overall eye health. 

Following the examination, our opticians will talk over the best frames and lens options for your specific needs. We offer a fantastic range of designer frames, so together we can find the right pair of glasses for you.

Once you have chosen your new pair of glasses, we'll schedule an appointment for you to collect your new glasses, as the lenses need to be made to your specific requirements. We will ensure you are 100% happy with the fit, style and feel of your new glasses as well as covering other important eye care information.


Enhanced Sight Test (OCT Scan)

Our practice is equipped with high end Optical Coherence Tomography scanners (OCT 3D scan). An OCT scan takes your examination further, allowing our eye care professional to look deeper into your eye and see within it. For more information about OCT scans please click here.


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