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Researchers have discovered that around 1 in 5 children in the UK have an undetected eye condition. Children, especially when they are young, usually won't realise that they have any issues with their vision, so there is always a risk that an eye condition might not ever be diagnosed. Untreated eye conditions in children have longer term consequences as they can affect the child's development, social interaction, and school performance.

Eye examinations for children are specifically designed to spot early signs of eye and vision problems. Children can have an eye test at any age, in fact being able to read is not necessary. Our professional optometrists are well trained to conduct eye examinations for children and are familiar with the techniques and equipment adopted to test their eyes.

For our younger patients, we use special charts so that they can recognise shapes instead of numbers and letters. Parents are allowed in the testing room all the time. Booking an eye test for the entire family can be a great option to help children feel less intimidated by watching their parents go through an eye exam first.

In order to stay ion top of your child's eye care and prevent small issues becoming larger ones, it is important that parents bring their children to the optician at least once a year, even before they start school.

All children under 16 are entitled to a free eye test and a contribution towards glasses paid by the NHS. Students in full-time education are also eligible for a free eye test.

Book an eye test online or call your local practice.

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